Constant Current Stimulators

Constant current stimulators

A range of constant current stimulators for both clinical and biomedical research in Digitimer offer.

Digitimer has a reputation for providing high quality constant current stimulators for both clinical and biomedical research areas. We now manufacture a range of constant current and constant voltage stimulators to suit the various requirements of our customers. Our low noise stimulus isolators are used worldwide for electrophysiology applications, however, we also offer a multi-channel stimulator for organ bath electrical stimulation as well as a range of isolated stimulators for clinical use.


DS3 Isolated Constant Current Stimulator
Brief pulses of electricity are used in various biomedical research applications as a stimulus to excite nerve or muscle fibres. In order to minimise artefacts introduced into electrophysiological data, it is desirable that the stimulator/stimulus isolator should be electrically isolated both from ground and from the trigger device. The voltage required to send current through tissues can vary greatly,…



DS5 Isolated Bipolar Constant Current Stimulator
The DS5 isolated bipolar stimulator allows computer control of stimulus amplitude and timing parameters and has a maximum constant current output of ±50mA. It has been designed to speed up and enhance human peripheral nerve diagnostics by facilitating semi-automated nerve excitability tests. It also has roles in wider aspects of clinical neurophysiology research,



DS7A & DS7AH HV Constant Current Stimulator
Suitable as a general purpose electrical nerve or muscle stimulator, the DS7A provides up to 100mA constant current high voltage pulses of brief duration for percutaneous stimulation during investigation of the electrical activity of nerve and muscle tissue. The DS7A is also commonly used in pain research applications. The output current is continuously variable….



DS8R Biphasic Constant Current Stimulator
The DS8R is a new constant current, multi-mode, discrete pulse stimulator for human research studies involving nerve and muscle stimulation via surface electrodes. It features a high compliance voltage and can be triggered by a TTL compatible input, contact closure foot/hand switch or front panel “single-shot” button.

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