D188 – Digitally Controlled Remote Electrode Selector Now Available


Digitally Controlled Switching of Stimulation Sites

We are delighted to announce that the D188 Remote Electrode Selector is now available from Digitimer and our representatives.  Designed for human and animal research applications, the D188 opens of new possibilities in experimental design which were previously only feasible where research groups had access to multiple stimulators.D188-Electrode-Switcher-02-digitimer

Stimulate different sites with one stimulator and 1ms switching times

The D188 Remote Electrode Selector allows you to direct an electrical stimulus of up to 1A (at 400V) from a single stimulator to one of up to eight pairs of electrodes. The D188 is supplied with “virtual front panel” software compatible with WindowsTM 7 and higher, which permits manual switching between stimulation sites via a key-press or mouse click. However, the D188 was predominantly designed for situations where stimulation delivery needs to be rapidly switched between sites under remote, digital control.  With switching times of ~1ms, the D188 can be used for demanding stimulation applications involving multi-location stimulation in studies of pain, cognitive behaviour or sensory perception.  An example of a typical stimulation system incorporating the D188 is given in the diagram below.

Example D188 System Configuration

Multiple control methods

Precisely timed remote control is possible through the use of TTL compatible digital lines from your data acquisition system. One to one control requires eight digital inputs, however, the D188 can also operate in a multiplexed mode where only four digital inputs are required. Alternatively, a USB connection to the host computer allows software control of the D188 via a DLL-based API, which can be accessed using your preferred software (C, C++, Visual Basic, C# etc). The D188 is recognized and controllable as a serial device within LINUX operating systems, although our virtual front panel software is not LINUX compatible.


Ideal for human research applications

The D188 is silent in operation and the software control panel allows the operator to toggle the LED indicator lights on and off. As a result, the subject of stimulation is not provided with any audible or visual cues of stimulus delivery. The D188 is not a medical device and use is restricted to human research applications, however, it has been designed to meet certain aspects of IEC 60601-1 relating to safety.

The D188 is supplied with a pair of 1.5mm TP DIN42802 cables (~50cm long) for connection between a Digitimer D185-HB4 Output Adaptor Cable and the D188 stimulator input, however, it is possible to purchase additional plugs to allow direct connection of the D188 to our complete range of isolated stimulators.


Multiple Stimulator Connection Options

The D188 is supplied with cables that make it compatible with our D185-HB4 output extension cable, other accessories can be purchased to allow it to interface directly with any of our stimulators.

  • Recommended Connection via D185-HB4 Output Adaptor Cable
    For direct connection to a D185-HB4 Output Extension Cable, the 1.5mm cables supplied with the D188 can be connected between the D188 and the D185-HB4.
D188 Cables and D185-HB4 Adaptor Cable
  • Alternative Direct Connection to Digitimer DS5, DS7A/AH or DS8R Stimulator Outputs (4mm)
    For direct connection to the stimulator 4mm sockets, the user can remove the 1.5mm plugs on one end of supplied cables and replace (re-solder) with optional D185-OC1 4mm TP plugs.
D188 Cables and D185-OC1 Plugs
  • Alternative Direct Connection to Digitimer DS2A, DS3 or DS4 Stimulator Outputs (2mm)
    For direct connection to stimulators with 2mm TP sockets, replace 1.5mm plugs on one end of supplied cables and replace (re-solder) with optional NL985P 2mm TP plugs.

D188 Cables and NL985P Plugs



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