D185-HB4 Electrode Connection Headbox
A guide to the electrode connection options for Digitimer clinical/human research stimulators.

Digitimer were in sunny San Diego last month for the Society of Neuroscience. It was another great opportunity to meet up with customers, distributors and new faces. This was Neuroscience's 46th annua

Details of upcoming conference exhibitions and meeting sponsorships undertaken by Digitimer or our representatives.

IMG_0570-Edit copy
Digitimer D177 Bio-Feedback Unit has been developed to improve reproducibility of the Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential (VEMP) test.

Within the next few months, we expect to start shipping theEvaluate our DS8R Biphasic Stimulator first batch of our new DS8R Biphasic Computer Controlled Stimulators and D188 Remote Electrode Selector

New PC-100 pipette puller launched by Narishige. Familiarity of the PC-10 coupled with some significant improvements.

NL905 Stimulation Configuration
Some simple NeuroLog System stimulation setups, illustrating how the NeuroLog System can be configured for basic electrical stimulation protocols.

Brand New Urodynamics brochure is NOW available to download from our website.

Digitimer are pleased to share with you news that a brand new product has joined our range – the Male Voiding Adaptor.

For your convenience, our cystometry catheter sets provide you with bladder and rectal catheters sterile packed in a single pouch.

Digitimer have secured plenty of MX848 & MX848X2SC disposable transducer domes as well as plenty of replacement MX860 Transducers.

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