Product Areas

  • Research Instruments

    Products for life science research, including stimulators, amplifiers, patch-clamp systems, micro-manipulators, incubation chambers, perfusion systems and other electrophysiology equipment.

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  • NeuroLog System

    The NeuroLog System is a compact, versatile and modular electrophysiology workstation suitable for roles as diverse as amplification, pulse generation, signal conditioning and stimulation.

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  • Clinical Neurophysiology

    Electrical stimulators and amplifiers for intraoperative monitoring, neurodiagnostics, sports physiology and basic nerve & muscle research. We also offer a range of neurodiagnostic accessories.

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  • Paediatric Surgery

    Our anorectal muscle locating stimulator has
    been for paediatric surgeons who need a reliable and easy
    to use electrical stimulator when carrying out the Peña or PSARP anorectal reconstruction technique.

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  • Urodynamics & Manometry

    Our clinical urodynamics & manometry range includes Standard, Video & UPP Urodynamics systems, uro flowmeters and our own-brand catheters and disposables, including a variety of pessaries and continence aids.

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