Transducers & Accelerometers




Pressure Transducers
Disposable and re-usable pressure transducers are connected to the NL108A Pressure Amplifier via an interconnecting lead which is specific to the transducer of choice. The pressure transducers can be used to make in vivo measurements, such as blood or bladder pressure.


Force Transducers
Our range of isometric force transducers (strain gauges) are used with the NL109 Bridge Amplifier. We also have an optical-based XY Ergometer (NL280), which has been developed to measure the force generated by drosophila during genetic knock-out studies of insect muscle.


NL109 Bridge Amplifiers can also be used with our NL260 3-Axis Accelerometer Interface and 3 axis accelerometer. One NL109 is required for each axis being monitored.




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