Paediatric Surgery


The Digitimer DS7AP is an MDD CE certified and FDA-cleared electrical stimulator specifically designed for muscle location during surgical correction of ano-rectal malformation in infants.  Using the pull-through or posterior sagittal anorectoplasty (PSARP) technique pioneered by Prof Alberto Peña, paediatric surgeons employ the Ds7AP to identify underlying anal sphincter muscle tissue.  The DS7AP can be supplied with optional accessories such as a foot-switch, electrode connection cables and disposable or reusable bipolar stimulation probes.

The Digitimer DS7AP Muscle Locating Stimulator is a paediatric surgical variant of our general purpose nerve and muscle stimulator, the DS7A. The DS7AP has been designed to meet the specific requirements of paediatric surgeons carrying out anorectal reconstruction surgery in infants.


We supply a range of accessories compatible with the DS7AP Muscle Locating Stimulator.  We recommend the stimulator is used with our D185-FS1 Footswitch for hands-free control and can also supply reusable and disposable bipolar stimulation probes, as well as a 2m long output extension cable (not required for reusable probes).