Acquisition Interfaces


We offer a range of data acquisition (DAQ) interfaces from HEKA (including products previously manufactured by Instrutech) and National Instruments. These DAQ systems are predominantly designed for high speed electrophysiology data acquisition alongside our range of patch clamp and voltage clamp amplifiers or to control our DS5 Bipolar Constant Current Stimulator.



The LIH 8+8 is a high resolution, low-noise scientific data acquisition system. It utilizes the latest USB 2.0 and high speed processing technologies. The LIH 8+8 provides expandability and versatility that will satisfy both current and future needs. With its USB 2.0 interface, the LIH 8+8 can easily be connected to a laptop …



National Instruments USB-6341 BNC
This data acquisition interface is offered by Digitimer for use with QtracW Threshold Tracking Software and our DS5 Bipolar Constant Current Stimulator, in order to study nerve excitability…