Bilayer Recording

The bilayer technique is a method to record electrical currents at a single channel level. The bilayer forms a gigaohm resistance between two saline-buffer filled chambers. After incorporation of pore forming proteins (ion channels, solute channels, carriers and pumps) protein mediated currents or membrane potentials can be recorded at high resolution


Ionovation Compact
In membrane biology, electrophysiology is one of the central investigation tools. In the past the standard technological approach has primarily consisted of the various alterations of patch clamping of membranes and cells. However, certain limitations with respect to flexibility, throughput, user friendliness, and information content have become obvious over the years.


Ionovation Explorer – NEW
Offering a new add-on approach to standard inverted microscopes, the Ionovation Bilayer Explorer is easy to use, allowing researchers to combine high resolution microscopy and single molecule spectroscopy with state-of- the-art electrophysiology. The compact design fits any inverted microscope to provide a versatile solution that suits the needs in pharmacological research, drug discovery, and in academia.

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