Narishige has a reputation for the design and manufacture of precision micromanipulation equipment and stereotaxic frames for use in laboratories worldwide.  Their standard product range includes micromanipulators suitable for cellular and embryonic injection and many electrophysiological applications including patch-clamping and extracellular recording.  Narishige also design products for in vitro fertilization and ICSI.  A range of complementary accessories, such as magnetic stands, microscope mounting adaptors and pipette holders are also available.


Electrophysiology System Manipulators
We can provide a range of fine and coarse manipulators for applications requiring low and high magnification.  Manipulators can be motor driven, hydraulic or mechanically operated and supplied with a variety of optional accessories and headstage or microscope mounting adaptors.


Injection System Manipulators
As with the electrophysiology system manipulators, the injection manipulators are also available in motor driven, hydraulic or mechanical versions which are specifically designed to meet the requirements of particular injection applications.  The Narishige range also includes injection holders, replacement tubing and other injection-related accessories.


Stereotaxic System Manipulators
The range includes frames and manipulators suitable for animals including large and small rodents.  The majority of the manipulators available are mechanical or hydraulic, however, the DM system adds a programmable single axis stereotaxic manipulator to the range.


“YOU” Compact Manipulators
The “YOU” range was developed to provide researchers with compact, versatile and cost effective solutions for less demanding micromanipulation needs.  Custom manipulators can be configured using a range of fine and coarse control units, along with compact magnetic stands.   Narishige also offer some preconfigured manipulators sets.


Chronic Manipulators
Manipulators intended for chronic implantation studies are available with mechanical, hydraulic and motorised control options and in a range of sizes to suit different applications.


Accessories & Consumables
Complementary accessories include x-blocks, magnetic stands and iron plates to provide a stable working platform. 


Manipulator Microscope Adaptors
Narishige collaborate with the major microscope manufacturers to ensure that their products can be mounted for convenience and stability of operation.  Adaptors are available for Nikon, Zeiss, Olympus and Leica and can be configured  for stage-side, illumination pillar or double rail mounting.

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