Urodynamic Flowmeters

Uroflowmetry is a simple, diagnostic screening procedure used to calculate the amount of urine (volume), flow rate in seconds, and length of time until completion of the void.


Flowstar Urodynamics Flowmeter
Flowstar has all of the features and functions normally required of a flowmeter and a bit more. Flowstar is a compact and digital flowmeter designed for practical, everyday flow studies. The investigation starts automatically when the patient starts voiding. The flow and volume scales can be adjusted and the pre-flow and post-flow time are user selectable. Siroky flow plots can be printed to diagnose normal or obstructed urinary flow in male patients.


Flowmaster Urodynamic FlowMeter
Automatic flow recorder and wireless data transmitter. Flowmaster automatically records the flow and transmits the data by wireless Bluetooth to a computer. The graph and data is printed on whatever printer is attached to the computer, or may simply be stored without printing. Flowmaster is a wireless uroflowmeter which makes it now very easy to give a patient some privacy. Simply place the Flowmaster anywhere you want and data will be send wirelessly to the computer.


Solar Uroflow Urodynamics FlowMeter
Wireless Uroflowmetry system with wireless EMG and network capability. Solar Uroflow is a wireless uroflowmetry system which can include wireless EMG and also the Scanmaster, this would provide a total uroflow solution. The software includes an extendend patient database to store and analyse a large number of uroflow investigations.[/one_half_last]

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