• Research Instruments

    Products for life science research, including stimulators, amplifiers, patch-clamp systems, micro-manipulators, incubation chambers, perfusion systems and other electrophysiology equipment.

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  • NeuroLog System

    The NeuroLog System is a compact, versatile and modular electrophysiology workstation suitable for roles as diverse as amplification, pulse generation, signal conditioning and stimulation. Designed with the option to add modules as required.

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  • Clinical Neurophysiology

    Electrical stimulators and amplifiers for intraoperative monitoring, neurodiagnostics, sports physiology and basic nerve & muscle research. We also offer a full range of neurodiagnostic accessories including re-usable & disposable electrodes.

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  • Paediatric Surgery

    Our anorectal muscle locating stimulator has been designed specifically for paediatric surgeons who need a reliable and easy
    to use electrical stimulator when carrying out the Peña or PSARP anorectal reconstruction technique.

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  • Urodynamics & Manometry

    Our clinical urodynamics & manometry range includes Standard, Video & UPP Urodynamics systems, uro flowmeters and our own-brand catheters and disposables, including a variety of pessaries and continence aids.

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For over forty years, Digitimer has designed and manufactured quality medical and laboratory scientific instruments, including biological amplifiers for extracellular and intracellular recording, electrical stimulators, pulse generators and our modular NeuroLog System.

Scientific equipment includes products for life science research, including patch-clamp amplifiers, micromanipulators, perfusion systems and other electrophysiology equipment.
Our clinical neurophysiology range features CE marked Medical Devices and FDA cleared electrical medical stimulators for intraoperative monitoring, neurodiagnostics and basic research, as well as isolated medical amplifiers and other neurology supplies.

We design, manufacture, distribute and sell complete Extracellular Recording Systems, Our Very own Neurolog Systems, Intracellular Recording systems for Clinical and research uses around the world.

We are a well-respected and recognised name when it comes to Extracellular Amplifiers, EEG Amplifiers, EMG Amplifier and Electrophysiological Amplifiers.

We also offer a full range of Research and Clinical Stimulators for Transcranial Stimulatoin, Muscle Stimulation and Nerve stimulation and for our Paediatric surgeons we supply our Pena nerve stimulator.

As a urodynamics & manometry specialist, we also supply manometry systems, uro flowmeters and our own range of catheters and disposables, including a full range of pessaries, which can be purchased through our online Pessary Shop. Digitimer also provides a comprehensive subcontract manufacturing service.


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